What’s Fortune Tiger Game and Why is it so Popular in Brazil? 

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Fortune Tiger is a slot machine developed by PG Soft that has quickly become the top casino game in Brazil, maintaining its number one position for over a year. Fortune Tiger has captured the attention of players nationwide, establishing itself as a staple in Brazil’s online gambling scene. But why has the Tiger Game exploded in popularity?

Online casino games have become a major phenomenon in Brazil, with certain titles quickly capturing the hearts of Brazilians and becoming all the rage. Notable examples include Aviator and, especially, Fortune Tiger. The latter, popularly known in Brazil as “Jogo do Tigre” or “Jogo do Tigrinho,” is an online slot game created in 2022 by the game provider PG Soft, available for both smartphones and computers.

Fortune Tiger quickly gained notoriety when players began showcasing their triumphs and substantial wins on social media, particularly on TikTok and YouTube. These displays motivated many to try their luck with the game, boosting its popularity.

Brazilians are known for quickly embracing opportunities that promise easy gains, especially when promoted by digital influencers on social media. Fortune Tiger seemed to perfectly capture this desire. What started as a relatively unknown game rapidly transformed into one of the most searched terms in Brazil, signaling massive and sudden interest.

Today, it is rare to find a casino platform that does not include Fortune Tiger in its game catalog. According to KTO data, 59.49% of active players regularly choose the Tigrinho, and it accounts for 19.84% of the total rounds played on the platform.

But what exactly made this game so appealing and why did it explode in popularity in Brazil?

What is Fortune Tiger’s Search Volume and Trends?

The Fortune Tiger phenomenon started gaining traction in early 2023 when searches for the game began to increase significantly in search engines such as Google.

Between April and May 2023, searches for the term “Fortune Tiger” increased from 74,000 to 201,000, marking a 172% month-on-month increase. This continuous growth was observed again from June to July, with searches rising from 246,000 to 674,000, marking a 174% month-on-month increase.

Searching for ‘Jogo do Tigre’ reveals how the game has become more widely recognized by its Portuguese name over time. The term reached an impressive 1.2 million searches in August 2023, making it the most searched query related to the game.

Even traditional live casino games like online roulette had demand (i.e., search volumes) 2.28 times lower than Fortune Tiger, despite some search peaks for roulette between July and October 2023.

To better understand these numbers, it’s necessary to investigate the behavior of people who play real money games in Brazil. Based on Google Trends searches, comparing the terms “sports betting,” “Aviator” and “Fortune Tiger,” we see how player behavior has been changing over time.

In a country passionate about football and other sports, it is not surprising that sports betting has long been prominent and has achieved some stability, with expected revenue of EUR 56 billion in 2024. However, in early June 2022, searches for the crash game Aviator began to surpass sports betting, reaching their peak between December 2022 and February 2023. This trend consolidated one of the first major online casino successes in Brazil since the sector’s legalization.

From that point onwards, we see the emergence of other casino games. Interestingly, when demand for Aviator starts to decline in the first half of 2023, searches for Fortune Tiger skyrocket until they reach their peak in August. 

The phases these games go through are quite remarkable. And even though Aviator had a higher peak than Fortune Tiger a year earlier, the latter has become a more lasting favorite among online casino games.

Looking at this analysis, the big questions are: Why did Aviator and Fortune Tiger experience these surges? Is Fortune Tiger’s success also just a phase, soon to be replaced by another game? 

It can be said that the meteoric rise can be attributed to several factors, including the game’s appeal itself, but mainly the effectiveness of the marketing strategies employed.

How did Influencer Marketing Fuel Fortune Tiger’s Popularity?

The so-called “Jogo do Tigrinho” became viral in Brazil through an extensive campaign involving many digital influencers and players who shared their supposed tactics on social media. Digital influencers played a crucial role in popularizing Fortune Tiger, using platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Telegram to flood the internet with videos and posts about the game.

Many users shared videos demonstrating supposed winnings and personal experiences, further expanding the audience and the number of players. The combination of demonstrative videos, detailed tutorials and testimonials about winnings helped establish a strong presence for the game on social media.

Fortune Tiger’s gameplay is designed to captivate users, which, when paired with TikTok’s algorithm that favors content that captures users’ attention, led to a higher frequency of gameplay videos appearing on the platform.

In reality, this uncoordinated promotional campaign was not merely showcasing the game but primarily aimed at promoting affiliate links. All this marketing had a single purpose: to encourage followers to sign up and play on affiliated platforms, generating profits for the promoters through commission models like CPA and Revshare.

As the main part of the strategy, influencers promoted Fortune Tiger as a source of income and an opportunity to achieve a luxurious lifestyle. Instagram posts featured influencers flaunting cash, luxury cars and other goods acquired thanks to their winnings in the game. These influencers presented Fortune Tiger as a way to quickly attain wealth, encouraging their followers to participate in the game.

Anyone who knows how online casino games work sees Fortune Tiger for what it is – a slot game that generates random results (RNG) and relies entirely on luck to win. There is, of course, no certain way to make money from the game. However, this contradicts what many of these influencers say.

It is not clear who exactly started the promotional push but major journalistic sources in the country point to influencer Skarlete Melo as one of the main pioneers of aggressively marketing Fortune Tiger in Brazil. 

YouTube is also widely used by influencers to promote online casino games as they perform gameplays and claim to teach “strategies” to play and win. Naturally, all use an online casino platform they partner with and recommend exclusively.

A well-known profile for promoting Fortune Tiger via questionable game strategies is known as Sky, who has more than 600,000 views on just one of his various videos. 

Many others upload videos daily, including some accounts that republish content from random influencers on their own accounts as a clickbait strategy to promote their affiliate link.

When questioned about the control of videos promoting games, YouTube stated that it does not allow videos, descriptions, comments and live streams that aim to “induce” people to use other sites and that these videos would be under review by their team. 

According to the platform, videos with spam, scams and deceptive practices that harm the community are not allowed. However, in reality, we see several YouTubers deliberately promoting false promises of winnings and dubious platforms.

TikTok was also largely responsible for the Fortune Tiger hype through influencer marketing. As a platform that launches many internet trends, TikTok added to Fortune Tiger’s fame through memes and people who share negative opinions about the game as well.

An example of what content about Fortune Tiger looks like on TikTok, ranging from memes to denunciations and game strategies

It is possible to find many humorous videos about scams related to Fortune Tiger or people exposing the reality behind what influencers promote, as well as those who promote the game for their benefit. This type of content also went viral and became another way to spread the popularity of this slot across Brazil. 

Analyzing Google Trends for Fortune Tiger terms searched only on YouTube, we see that, just like in Mangools search volumes, its peak was also in August 2023.

Another curious factor is that in December 2023, there was a peak in searches for the terms “Jogos do Tigre” and “Jogo do Tigrinho,” as the game is popularly known among Brazilians, due to a journalistic investigation broadcast on a major network in the country about minor Brazilian celebrities receiving large sums of money from advertising campaigns involving the game to attract new players. 

This major controversy on national TV generated commotion and curiosity among Brazilians about the Fortune game and many accessed YouTube to watch the coverage done by the TV show. This was a moment when those who did not know what Fortune Tiger was began to learn about it due to the extensive reach of the television network.

Fortune Tiger Pyramid Schemes and Deceptive Marketing

A common practice among these influencers was the promotion of high earnings by simulating large victories to attract new players. This strategy created a false perception of ease and success in the game, leading many to believe they could achieve similar gains.

Influencer Skarlete known for promoting big wins on Fortune Tiger

This type of predatory influencer marketing is not new in Brazil and has been practiced long before the arrival of Fortune Tiger. According to a Statista survey, social media influencers in Brazil wield the greatest power over people’s purchasing decisions, with 44% of consumers saying they choose a brand or product based on the endorsement of internet celebrities.

Another factor contributing to this is the reality of Brazilians seeking extra income, especially ways to make money online. With this desperate need to earn, many deceptive advertisements and false promises appear on social media.

There are various scams and pyramid schemes that promise to pay money and have already been promoted by social media celebrities, such as illegal raffles, outfit rating apps, post like apps, paid daily tasks and money-paying games (like Urban Surfers). With the rise of casino and sports betting platforms in Brazil, they saw great potential in doing the same with slot games, as was the case with Aviator and Fortune Tiger.

Due to the lack of specific legislation on influencer marketing in Brazil, many who promote these scams don’t face punishment and continue on social media, contributing to deceptive advertising. 

A widely spread strategy in promoting Fortune Tiger has been iGaming groups on Telegram with fraudulent strategies that supposedly make the player always win. These groups primarily use supposed bots that indicate the right moment and number of plays to succeed or disclose specific playing times, popularly known on the internet as “Fortune Tiger profitable times.”

As previously investigated and tested, these strategies are ineffective and are merely another marketing tactic of pyramid schemes, creating unrealistic expectations among players, often leading to significant financial losses.

What were the Legal Actions Against Influencers?

The popularity of Fortune Tiger and PG Soft did not go unnoticed by the authorities. Influencers involved in promoting these games became targets of investigations and lawsuits, accused of promoting deceptive practices. Some influencers were prosecuted, with significant repercussions for their reputations.

In recent months, several digital influencers were arrested in different police operations for promoting Fortune Tiger, which operated as a financial pyramid. In one of the most emblematic cases, during a police operation in Maranhão, influencer Skarlete Melo was arrested along with her partner Erick Costa for a scheme promoting Fortune Tiger that caused numerous users to lose large sums of money. She was one of the main figures in promoting the scheme, attracting thousands of followers to participate in fraudulent bets.

Influencers arrested in a police operation promoted a luxurious lifestyle on social media

In another operation carried out in Paraná, a group of influencers promoting the same game was also detained. This group was led by a former delivery rider who became the owner of luxury cars through the profits obtained from the scheme. The police revealed that the influencers used their social media to deceive followers, promising exorbitant gains that never materialized.

These operations exposed the severe psychological and financial impact caused by the influencers’ deceptive promises, further bringing PG Soft’s game into the spotlight.

What happened to PG Soft, the Fortune Tiger Creator?

With the success of Fortune Tiger, the game developer responsible for its creation also gained significant prominence in Brazil. Based in Malta, PG Soft has been gaining international recognition since its founding in 2015 and has quickly established itself as an innovative player in the gaming industry.

From the beginning, PG Soft focused on a mobile-first approach, anticipating the growing demand for games accessible on smartphones and tablets. This strategy allowed the company to stand out in the market, offering games optimized for mobile devices without sacrificing visual quality or gameplay complexity.

The company holds several licenses and certifications from respected entities in the gaming industry, such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission.

The company became notably recognized in Brazil around mid-2022, clearly due to Fortune Tiger. This can be observed in the search volume for PG Soft on the internet, which has remained high since then.

Despite all the success due to Fortune Tiger, PG Soft also has a catalog of various slot games, table games and even arcade games. The Fortune series, which includes Fortune Tiger, also features several other Chinese New Year zodiac animal-themed games that are gaining popularity in Brazil, such as Fortune Rabbit, Fortune Dragon, Fortune Mouse and others.

Comparing the search trends for the titles in the Fortune series in Brazil, it is evident that Fortune Tiger remains dominant. However, it is notable how other games have been boosted because of it. This has led players to develop an interest in other PG Soft games, which quickly caught the attention of influencers promoting casino games. Certainly, the familiarity with the theme and gameplay of Fortune Tiger encouraged Brazilians to give the other games in the series a chance. 

PG Soft’s success in Brazil can be attributed to the high quality and innovation of its games, the reliability provided by its licenses and certifications and effective marketing strategies and partnerships. With a series of popular games and a growing player base, the company is well-positioned to continue leading the online casino gaming market in Brazil.

What were the Political Consequences?

The popularity and controversy surrounding Fortune Tiger not only caught the public’s attention but also triggered significant political consequences in Brazil. The game revealed the urgent need for stricter regulation for online casinos and the activities of influencers on social media.

One of the main political developments was the pressure and influence exerted by the media. Intensive coverage of pyramid schemes involving influencers who promoted Fortune Tiger highlighted the lack of regulation and failures in consumer protection. This media focus generated public outcry for government action, leading legislators to consider new regulations for the online gaming sector and the actions of influencers.

Law 14.790/2023, which began to be debated and subsequently approved, is a direct example of how these events influenced legislation. The law aims to regulate online casinos, imposing consumer protection measures and ensuring that gaming operations are transparent and fair. The crimes committed by influencers improperly using the PG Soft game, such as fraud and induced indebtedness, were critical factors that certainly drove the creation and approval of this law.

The involvement of influencers in fraudulent schemes related to Fortune Tiger not only affected public perception of the game but also highlighted the responsibility of these individuals. Many influencers were arrested, underscoring the need for stricter regulation of the promotion of financial products and gambling on social media.

A specific case illustrating the political consequences was the ban on Fortune Tiger in the state of Maranhão. Local authorities, concerned about the negative impacts of the game, including significant financial losses, decided to take a stricter stance. The ban was a direct response to the damage caused by the game, reflecting the seriousness with which the associated problems were treated at the state level.

These events highlight the responsibility of digital influencers and the need for greater regulation of influencer marketing on social media. The arrest of those involved in the game scheme serves as a warning about the dangers of following financial advice without proper verification and the importance of a critical stance in the face of promises of easy wealth. 

The “Jogo do Tigrinho” not only became a phenomenon of popularity but also a catalyst for important political changes in Brazil. The media pressure and crimes associated with the game involving influencers drove the creation of new regulations to protect consumers and ensure that the online gaming sector operates fairly and transparently.

The Key Factors Behind Fortune Tiger’s Success in Brazil

Much has been said about influencer marketing and all the controversies surrounding Fortune Tiger, but did the game really become a huge phenomenon just for this reason? 

Definitely, all the promotion done by digital influencers played a significant role in the success of “Fortune Tiger,” creating a herd effect where many Brazilians were drawn to try the game, mainly tempted by the possibility of earning a lot of money as promised by the influencers.

This factor is very relevant, but we also cannot forget that currently, the gambling market in Brazil is the most significant in Latin America and is among the largest in the world, generating an estimated annual revenue of R$ 50 billion (~ US$ 10 billion). Clearly, we have a trend that goes far beyond PG Soft’s game, especially because Brazil already has a very strong and historically ingrained gaming culture.

The Brazilian culture of seeking new trends and easy money opportunities also helped propagate the game quickly.

Fortune Tiger exemplifies how a product can capture the imagination of a vast and diverse market like Brazil, but also how popularity can bring critical issues of regulation and responsibility to the forefront.



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