Money is time, so we’ll keep it short of what we do:

  1. High quality leads in iGaming
  2. Consultation in market entry to India

Do you want to know how we make this possible? Keep on reading.

Background & future

ENV Media or Esse N Videri was founded on a sunny day in the Italian alps in 2018. However, it was under another name at that time, High Altitude Affiliate Marketing (HAAM). Based on the fact that we were on a (H)igh (A)ltitude, doing (A)ffiliate (M)arketing. Clever, don’t you think?


The vision we had at 1450 meters above sea level is the same as today:

To utilize our full potential within our areas of expertise.

The core of our organization is SEO which is based on a set of fixed guidelines. Yet everyone in ENV Media perceives the Google algorithm and user-experience differently. And it is exactly this diversity which contributes to the high standards of quality we have in the company.

There’s a Tamil proverb saying: One’s knowledge is only a handful of sand, there is still an ocean of knowledge to learn.

All of the people working at Esse N Videri have solid experience within iGaming, but we know there’s so much more to learn. We want to capture that core of humbleness to life, that there are always things which can be done better or differently. The product cycles in ENV Media never close, they keep circling until this company is reincarnated to… An ant, cat or… Our target market is India after all.


The mission is to act as enablers for our employees to achieve our vision. Esse N Videri strives to help our solid team reach their full potential within their areas of expertise, whether it is writing outstanding reviews or mining data. You can always be better.

Intellectual Capital

Mattias Bergehed

Co-founder, CEO

Christopher Baude

Co-founder, CMO

Fredrik Brännlund

Co-founder, COO

Martin Larsson

Co-founder, CPO

Felicia Wijkander

Editor in Chief

Kay Morales

Head of Social

Robin Hallengren

Head of SEO

Elsebeth Hansen

SEO Specialist

Marcus Klasman

Site Manager

Shane Mcláimh

Site Manager

What is Esse N Videri?

Even though we’ve outgrown our first company name, we still stick to a formula of abbreviating what we like to call ourselves.

Esse N Videri Media is our full company name and also an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “esse non videri” – to be, not to be seen.

We love talking about proverbs, abbreviations and… Online traffic. If you share the same interests, get in touch.