A Look at the Most Popular Casino Games in Brazil

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Online casinos have become wildly popular in Brazil and as regulation looms, this form of entertainment has become more accepted within Brazilian culture. 

To fully understand what Brazilian gamblers are playing, research from KTO.com, an online casino and sportsbook operator within the market, has been shared and analysed below to find out what games are the most popular and most often played.

Data Points Explained

Four main data points are used to categorise the most popular casino games available to play. They are:

  • Actives %: A percentage of the total player base that has played at least one round of a game. This is calculated per game rather than based on a percentage of all games combined.
  • Rounds %: This is the percentage of the total rounds played on the platform broken down on a game level. Over the 1000s of games available, this will always add up to exactly 100%.
  • Stakes %: This is the percentage of the total amount of bets made on the platform broken down on a game level. This will also always add up to 100% across all games.
  • Avg. Daily Rounds per Player: This is the average amount of rounds each player on the platform will play per game each day.

Breakdown of Popular Casino Games by Category

Below is a breakdown of where Brazilian players spend their time playing on the platform. The percentages displayed here represent the percent of the total rounds played on any game on the platform.

  1. Slots: 85%
  2. Crash Games: 5.5%
  3. Roulette: 0.75%
  4. Game Shows: 0.5%
  5. Bingo: 0.4%
  6. Blackjack: 0.06%
  7. Baccarat: 0.02%
  8. Poker: 0.01%
  9. Dice Games: 0.01%

The vast majority of casino players on the platform are playing online slots – an overwhelming 85% of all game rounds played are on slot machines while crash games trail far behind in second place with 5.5% of all rounds

It’s important to note here that the game rounds, while a good indicator of popularity, can be somewhat skewed since some of the most popular casino games have much longer rounds than others. Roulette tables, for example, have rounds of up to 40 seconds. Slot games can take as little as 1-2 seconds. 

Breakdown of Popularity per Game Provider

When breaking down popularity based on the game providers, it becomes clear what providers are performing the best in the market. The table below shows the popularity of each provider, sorted by the percentage of active players.

ProviderActives %*Rounds %Stakes %
PG Soft294.40%60.67%33.70%
Pragmatic Play135.67%14.61%10.49%
Play’n GO12.02%0.84%0.48%
Pragmatic Play Live9.80%0.37%4.98%
Indigo Magic6.11%0.22%0.14%
Hacksaw Gaming4.90%0.13%0.25%
Red Tiger4.38%0.16%0.08%
Playtech Live4.21%0.07%0.82%
Darwin Gaming4.18%0.18%0.28%
*Actives % appears above 100% as it includes cumulative data from all games

PG Soft is the clear favourite and based on our recent research into PG Soft and Fortune Tiger, it’s unsurprising to see this provider at the top of the table. Even such, their games account for an incredible 60.67% of all rounds played and a third of all stakes placed on the platform. Much of PG Soft’s success in this regard comes from the “Fortune” series of games (more on that in the slots section below). 

Pragmatic Play, a staple game provider in many markets, takes second place with 14.61% of all game rounds and 10.49% of all stakes placed. While these numbers are still extremely high for a single provider, they are dwarfed by PG Soft’s unquestionable success in Brazil.

Spribe, a provider that has had a lot of initial success around the popularity of Aviator, has fallen further down the list as new providers have been added to the platform. Even so, the percentage of stakes placed on Spribe’s games has remained high at 19.34%, especially impressive when you benchmark this against the 4.31% of rounds played on their games.

Top Slots Based on Active Users

Below we examine the top slots based on the percentage of active players. This data enforces the fact that PG Soft and its titles are the most sought-after slots in Brazil, with exactly half of the list being made up of PG Soft games.

TitleProviderActives %Rounds %Avg. Daily Rounds/Player
Fortune TigerPG Soft58.52%18.1%172
Fortune RabbitPG Soft42.21%15.0%186
Fortune OxPG Soft32.73%7.7%134
Fortune DragonPG Soft30.62%8.2%161
Fortune MousePG Soft16.31%2.5%101
Leprechaun RichesPG Soft10.46%0.7%75
Sweet BonanzaPragmatic Play9.57%1.0%87
Ganesha GoldPG Soft8.65%0.8%85
7 and Hot FruitsPlatipus6.96%0.5%98
Fruit Mania DeluxeGamomat6.55%0.4%77
Piggy GoldPG Soft6.20%0.6%91
The Great IcescapePG Soft6.17%0.4%59
Candy Blitz BombsPragmatic Play5.82%0.4%74
Sweet Bonanza 1000Pragmatic Play5.66%0.3%80
Dragon HatchPG Soft5.60%1.0%135
Jeitinho BrasileiroPragmatic Play5.60%0.7%142
Gates of OlympusPragmatic Play4.97%0.9%133
Gates of Olympus 1000Pragmatic Play4.87%0.7%108
Action Boost 3 Lucky RainbowsMicrogaming4.83%0.9%158
Sugar RushPragmatic Play4.57%0.5%97

The Fortune series of slots dominates the list of top slots, with Fortune Tiger taking the top position with 58.52% of players on the platform having played it at least once. The game also tops the charts for the percentage of rounds played with 18.1% and is one of the games with the highest average daily rounds per player. 

The only game with higher average rounds is Fortune Rabbit, the second most popular game on the platform.

Top Crash Games Based on Active Users

Next, we take a look at the newest phenomenon in online gambling, and the second-biggest game category in Brazil – crash games. Recently, there was some debate about the legality of crash games in the market. However, based on the very definition of what they are, it’s easy to argue that they are covered under Law No. 14,790/2023.

TitleProviderActives %Rounds %Avg. Daily Rounds/Player
SpacemanPragmatic Play3.88%0.17%36
KTO JetXSmartSoft3.65%0.22%33
Luva Melhor do MundoDarwin Gaming2.18%0.11%56
Book of MinesTurbo Games1.98%0.01%12
PlinkoGaming Corps1.75%0.03%27
Piggy SmashGaming Corps0.62%0.05%104
Mine IslandSmartSoft0.47%0.04%78
Paper LanternsMascot Gaming0.45%0.00%8
MinesTurbo Games0.41%0.04%74
Mines Dare2WinHacksaw Gaming0.30%0.02%56
Hook Up! Fishing WarsMascot Gaming0.29%0.00%2
1Tap MinesTurbo Games0.28%0.0139

The popularity of crash games isn’t tied as much to specific providers as much as can be seen in the slots category. However, early entries into the category like Spribe show to be the most popular.

Spribe’s Aviator tops the table here and it comes as no surprise since this is one of the original crash games that exploded in popularity in Brazil. With 20.46% of all players have tried it at least once, it’s one of the only non-slot games that comes close to the levels seen by the Fortune series of games. 

Top Roulette Tables Based on Active Users

Roulette is the biggest live casino game category in Brazil. While its numbers are nowhere near the sheer volume we see for slots, there is still a massive amount of interest in them. 

TitleProviderActives %Rounds %Avg. Daily Rounds/Player
Roleta Ao VivoPragmatic Play Live3.79%0.17%34
Roleta Relâmpago BrasileiraEvolution2.11%0.11%37
Roleta Relâmpago BrasileiraEvolution1.97%0.10%36
Roleta BrasileiraPlaytech Live1.30%0.02%17
Roleta Brasileira Ao VivoEvolution1.05%0.07%38
Roleta Brasileira Ao VivoEvolution0.63%0.03%40
XXXTreme Lightning RouletteEvolution0.63%0.02%26
XXXTreme Lightning RouletteEvolution0.62%0.02%28
Auto Mega RoulettePragmatic Play Live0.56%0.01%22
Power Up RoulettePragmatic Play Live0.31%0.01%27
Mega RoulettePragmatic Play Live0.30%0.01%24
Roleta Relâmpago BrasileiraEvolution0.28%0.01%31
Lucky 6 RoulettePragmatic Play Live0.25%0.01%27
Mini RouletteSPRIBE0.24%0.01%53
Lightning RouletteEvolution0.22%0.01%21
Roulette AzurePragmatic Play Live0.21%0.01%36
Lightning RouletteEvolution0.20%0.00%19
Mega Fire Blaze Ruleta EspañaPlaytech Live0.17%0.00%13
Red Door RouletteEvolution0.16%0.01%24
Roleta Brasileira Ao VivoEvolution0.15%0.01%46

It might come as no surprise but the localised roulette tables are by far the most popular in Brazil. This is because they offer tables with local dealers that make it much easier to understand the game for new players. Pragmatic Play’s Roleta ao Vivo takes the top spot with 3.79% of all active players trying it at least once. 

It’s worth noting that the above data is done per table – so there are some instances where providers will have two tables for the same game. Such is the case with Evolution’s Roleta Relâmpago Brasileira – the localised version of Lightning Roulette, Roleta Brasileira Ao Vivo and XXXTreme Lightning Roulette.

Top Game Shows Based on Active Users

Game Shows are another relatively new casino game category – and one that has gained some traction in Brazil in recent years. Find out about the most popular titles below.

ProviderTitleActives %Rounds %Avg. Daily Rounds/Player
Sweet Bonanza CandyLandPragmatic Play Live1.01%0.03%23
Crazy TimeEvolution0.96%0.05%37
Crazy TimeEvolution0.96%0.05%40
Mega WheelPragmatic Play Live0.63%0.04%39
Futebol Studio Ao VivoEvolution0.48%0.02%42
Super Trunfo FutebolPragmatic Play Live0.33%0.00%18
Stock MarketEvolution0.30%0.01%29
Monopoly LiveEvolution0.28%0.01%28
Treasure IslandPragmatic Play Live0.26%0.01%23
Boom CityPragmatic Play Live0.25%0.01%28
Futebol Studio Ao VivoEvolution0.23%0.01%35
Lightning 6Evolution0.19%0.00%15
Monopoly LiveEvolution0.18%0.01%32
Funky TimeEvolution0.18%0.01%35

This is a category of popular casino games that not many providers have managed to create content around – this is exactly why you will only see Evolution and Pragmatic Play Live in the table above. 

Evolution’s Sweet Bonanza Candyland takes the lead here with just over 1% of all active players having played it once. This can potentially be credited to the slot machine Sweet Bonanza, one of the most popular online slots on the platform. 

Evolution’s Crazy Time takes a close second place with both tables accounting for 0.96% of actives.

Top Blackjack Tables Based on Active Users

Blackjack is one of the more niche categories of popular casino games within the Brazilian market. This is likely due to the high barrier to playing since players will need to have some prior knowledge of the game to play it correctly. Rounds are also long and can potentially go on for much longer than other types of games. This becomes very evident when you compare the average daily rounds per player to that of other game categories.

ProviderTitleActives %Rounds %Avg. Daily Rounds/Player
Blackjack Ilimitado Ao VivoEvolution0.18%0.0049%23
Blackjack Ilimitado Ao VivoEvolution0.12%0.0053%33
All Bets Blackjack LivePlaytech Live0.09%0.0006%10
Blackjack Ilimitado Ao VivoEvolution0.08%0.0020%23
One BlackjackPragmatic Play Live0.07%0.0004%7
Blackjack em Português 1Evolution0.07%0.0009%14
First Person BlackjackEvolution0.05%0.0056%93
First Person BlackjackEvolution0.05%0.0036%59
Blackjack Clássico Brasileiro em Português 1Evolution0.05%0.0009%17
Infinite BlackjackEvolution0.05%0.0012%18
Blackjack Clássico Brasileiro em Português 2Evolution0.04%0.0003%8
Blackjack em Português 1Evolution0.04%0.0009%19
Blackjack Clássico Brasileiro em Português 2Evolution0.04%0.0006%14
Blackjack Clássico em Português 5Evolution0.03%0.0006%17
Blackjack Clássico em Português 13Evolution0.03%0.0004%13
Blackjack Clássico em Português 12Evolution0.03%0.0005%12
Blackjack Clássico Brasileiro em Português 3Evolution0.03%0.0005%15
Blackjack Clássico em Português 9Evolution0.03%0.0004%11
Free Bet BlackjackEvolution0.03%0.0005%12

Much like in roulette, the most popular casino games here are also the localised tables. Evolution’s Blackjack Ilimitado Ao Vivo takes position 1 and 2 on the table with 0.18% and 0.12% of actives.

Also worth noting here is that Evolution dominates the table of top games with only two tables here being from other providers. 

Brazilian Players Look for PG Soft Above All Else

One thing becomes very clear when analysing the above data: Brazilian players seek out PG Soft’s titles above anything else. More specifically, they are looking to play Fortune Tiger, or the other titles in the Fortune series of games. 

While other providers like Pragmatic Play and Spribe are noticeable contenders here, PG Soft has a tight grasp over casino entertainment in Brazil. 



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