A Closer Look at the Share of Voice of Gambling Operators in Brazil – March 2024

Brazil’s expansive market has become a focal point for iGaming stakeholders. It is also a valid playing field for understanding and estimating which gaming operators command the most attention among local users.

Our study centers on the concept of “Share of Voice” (SoV), analyzing brand visibility and market shares among online casino websites active in Brazil. While there are literally thousands of online platforms which offer both casino games and sports betting, we will focus our study on some of the most prominent ones available in the biggest regulated market globally.

This research is meant as an ongoing and revolving effort, tracking monthly search volumes and aiming to pinpoint both the leading iGaming operators and preferred game genres among Brazilian players.

We also take an analytic look at consumer preferences and brand loyalty, spotlighting the brands and gaming verticals that effectively engage the Brazilian audience. Our team meticulously examines direct survey feedback, topical online traction and branded search data.

Share of Voice of online gambling operators in Brazil
Total operator scores reflect survey responses, online SoV visibility and branded searches.

Consistent monitoring is key to a balanced interpretation of these results. We will track and report on market trends and SoV changes every 2 to 3 months in this space.

What Is a Share of Voice?

“Share of Voice” is a pivotal metric in the iGaming industry. In simple terms, it offers a comprehensive view of a brand’s market presence relative to its competitors.

As a concept, SoV does not estimate market shares based on actual subscribers or active players. Yet, SoV digs deeper, assessing a brand’s visibility and dominance in industry conversations across various online marketing channels.

As a combined metric, it encapsulates everything from the volume of brand mentions to the extent of digital marketing efforts, including social media engagement, website traffic, and keyword prominence in iGaming-related searches.

Although SoV is affected by paid advertising, it also extends beyond that. It encompasses the entire spectrum of a brand’s digital footprint, including organic reach and the impact of content marketing strategies.

In our research, we also apply the SoV concept for gaming verticals such as sports betting, lottery and online casino (along with corresponding sub-categories like slots or card games). This approach provides us with a nuanced understanding of how various real-money gaming segments resonate within the market.

Explaining Our Methodology

As a starting point, our Share of Voice study benefits from a comprehensive original survey, which we conducted following a coherent and well-structured approach. The field study collected data from a diverse demographic of 500 Brazilian adults, ensuring a representative sample of the target audience.

Our methodology includes demographic segmentation (age, gender, socio-economic class, education level and occupation). What we present below, however, focuses on brand recognition and its impact on gaming habits, including factors that influence such choices and discovery channels for new platforms.

These findings are subsequently enriched with third-party data. Given our experience in SEO and lead generation, we focused our tracking efforts on relevant keywords divided between branded and generic searches. Generic searches focused on the casino vertical and specific game categories based on monthly search volumes.

The primary tool we used to measure the Share of Voice was Wincher.com. We tracked the selected indicators over three months, an ample timeframe which ensures illustrative and balanced data samples. Nevertheless, one of the most relevant ways of ranking the brands is the volume of branded searches coming from Brazilian IPs. We break down monthly averages for branded queries through Mangools.com.

Ultimately, we designed a points system which sees branded searches receive the highest weight in SoV evaluations, as these are direct queries, most of which in the range of millions. In a scientific approach, big-data sources weigh more than subjective answers in a questionnaire.

Every other type of segmentation also sees the respective leader get the most points, this time from 8 (the most) to 1 (the least), even when the bottom position had marginal presence. Thus, our final analysis highlights the significant influence of brand recognition, player preferences, and strategic SEO on market presence but recognizes actual branded search intent above all.

Operator Share of Voice and Brand Loyalty

Besides weighted estimates of the share of voice of online gaming operators, our study sheds light on player behavior and brand loyalty. A detailed look at game preferences, frequency of play and trust in specific brands also helps understand the factors influencing players’ choices when it comes to choosing or changing a gaming platform.

Multiple factors may affect these choices, such as website design, mobile app availability, and recommendations from friends. These insights are crucial in understanding the dynamics of brand loyalty and player engagement in the Brazilian iGaming market.

Brand Recognition and Trust

The first and most important ranking we need to take a look at reveals the most recognized and trusted iGaming brands in Brazil based on survey responses. When asked which of the following brands Brazilians knew (and judged as reliable), we saw the results below.

Online gambling operator brand recognition in Brazil

Respondents picked out brands like Bet365 and Betano above all others. Those were recognized (and potentially trusted) by 77% and 75.5% of respondents, respectively.

Other notable brands such as Betfair (38.2%), Pokerstars (36.1%) and Betway (28.8%) also demonstrated significant recognition and trust among the participants. Somewhat behind, we see brands like KTO (16.2%), Betsson (15.8%) and Leovegas (13.9%), still garnering sufficient recognition by Brazilian gamers and easily placed within the top 8 brands in the country.

One trend stands out – absolutely all brands received higher recognition and trust ratings in March 2024 compared to the survey carried out three months ago. This shows a clear increase in awareness and consumer confidence, especially after the full legalization of real-money games in Brazil in December 2023.

Key Factors for Choosing a Brand

To appreciate what shapes these preferences, we also need to know what Brazilian players deem as most important when choosing an iGaming operator.

Reasons for choosing an iGaming brand

Attractive bonuses and promotions were cited at the forefront of the deciding factors for Brazilian iGaming enthusiasts, over over half of respondents (51.7%) emphasizing their importance.

User-friendly interface comes next, regarded as decisive by 44.4% of the survey participants. Obviously, players care about the product and the platform above all – a seamless and intuitive user experience attracts and retains players.

Reliable customer support follows closely, valued by 43.4% of respondents, reminding that efficient and responsive support systems are crucial for player satisfaction. Almost equally significant, we see fast and secure payment options, rated crucial by 42.5% of gamers.

Additionally, although not as paramount as the above factors, we see competitive odds and payouts (in terms of Return-to-Player percentages, RTP) at 20.5%. Still relevant but not critical, users rate the amount of games available (16.2%) and mobile device compatibility (still an issue for 15.6%).

Perhaps surprisingly, the support for “live dealer games” – i.e., immersive and interactive real-money genres – holds less sway in the decision-making process (4.6%). This demonstrates that such features, while innovative and engaging, do not have a primary influence on the choice of an iGaming brand among Brazilian players.

Earlier responses which generate the SoV ranking of operators are likely unaffected by the list of impact factors we just presented. SoV presence is usually based on paid advertising, online and offline visibility, straightforward fame or notoriety, as well as recent gaming experiences. However, these elements all weigh in when ultimately making a decision to play on a given platform.

Most Engaging Gaming Verticals

As a next step in our evaluation of generic market shares, we need to analyze the verticals that have the biggest pull among Brazilian real-money gamers.

Favorite real-money gaming verticals in Brazil

The most popular games among respondents were lotteries (65.6%) and sports betting (58.7%), followed by casino games (41.3%).

These do not come as a surprise, as we have already seen comparative market shares that put them in a similar order. Casino audiences are also the most diverse, encompassing roulette players but also fans of slots games (25.8%) and card classics like poker and blackjack (30%) as well.

We also notice a considerable share of games (27.3%) that are considered casual by nature but that can also be structured as real-money contests and random prize gaming sessions.

The sizable shares of scratch-card games (35.6%) are often considered in industry analyses under the lottery family of random draws.

The classic (and unregulated) game of “jogo do bicho” continues drawing interest by nearly a fifth (19.5%) of all adult real-money gamers in Brazil. Still, that shows a decrease from last year’s survey figures, showing better channelization to legal options post-regulation.

Why Do Players Switch? Frequency and Motivations for Choosing a New Online Casino or Sportsbook

Our survey also reveals the consistency and loyalty of player engagement with leading iGaming operators. The largest share of respondents (35.5%) occasionally switches between different iGaming operators, suggesting a tendency to explore various options. On the other hand, almost a quarter (23.4%) rarely or never switch, indicating a significant level of brand loyalty among a segment of users.

How often do online gamers switch brands

A smaller yet still significant portion of players switch operators at regular intervals – 11% do so monthly, and 20.3% weekly. This highlights a group actively seeking new gaming experiences and promotions.

Discovery Channels for New Gaming Platforms

When it comes to discovering new iGaming sites or apps, online advertisements are the primary method for 41.7% of respondents. This underscores the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies in the industry.

Top channels for discovering online gambling platforms

Social media platforms also play a pivotal role, being the chosen source for 24.5% of gamers in finding new games. The relatively high impact of personal recommendations (21.4%) is also expected in many ways.

Online forums and communities (5%) along with search engine results (5.6%), though less prevalent, are still notable means for discovering new gaming opportunities.

The propensity for occasional switching among operators suggests a market driven by curiosity and the pursuit of better offers or experiences. In turn, these trends confirm the significant impact of online advertising and social media in discovering new gaming opportunities.

Reasons for Switching – Non-Gaming Factors and Desired Improvements

As we noticed, there are a number of factors that influence the choice of an iGaming platform, many of which lay outside of those directly related to one’s gaming experience.

Reputation and reliability are the most influential non-gaming factors, with 67.8% of respondents prioritizing these. In other words, trust and credibility in the iGaming industry goes a long way, for most users.

Leading reasons for choosing an online gambling site in Brazil

Recommendations from friends (45.2%), online reviews (37%), and the design of the site (18.9%) also play significant roles in influencing user choices. The availability of mobile applications is still an issue for 16.8% of respondents, despite most games and platforms having quite optimized mobile browser versions.

Even when some key features do not represent a decisive factor (or a deal-breaker) for gamers, many are eager to see improvements in certain areas.

Desired improvements in real-money online gaming sites in Brazil

The most desired improvement was faster payments (44.6%), followed closely by better customer support (44.4%). These aspects are naturally related to what we were reminded above – the need for fast and convenient financial transactions and quick resolution of potential problems. Both of these can get in the way of a smooth gaming experience.

Hovering around 38%, therefore still quite relevant, we see a demand for more responsible gaming tools and lower deposit requirements. Although somewhat contrasting, these expectations mean that the Brazilian public is getting a better grasp of RG tools and is showing an improved ability to manage their spending patterns.

Perhaps surprisingly, we see the demand for more game variety further down the players’ priorities (34.4%).

Exploring Online Casino Search Trends and Generic Game Popularity

As we often point out, online casino is the richest and most diverse iGaming vertical. With plenty of games to choose from, we need to identify the game categories which draw the most online traction.

We have also seen previously that Brazilian casino fans are split between slots and crash games as quick-play options on one hand, as well as live casino games like roulette and blackjack on the other. And we expect these to get the most mentions and search demand.

However, an operator’s online visibility is closely linked to their SEO performance. Achieving top rankings in search engines for popular casino-related keywords is a challenging feat, requiring dedicated on-page and off-page SEO efforts. Established operators with a rich history of optimized content would rank higher in the SERP compared to newer competitors or those with minimal optimization efforts for our focus keywords.

In pragmatic terms, we expect to see older websites (i.e., established operators) with a high volume of optimised content to show up more often on top of search results with the biggest volumes, more so than newer competitors and websites with little or no optimisation towards our focus keywords.

We used Mangools.com to identify the most popular casino-related search queries in Brazil over a three-month period. The data below shows average monthly search volumes, reflecting proportional online demand.

KeywordAvg. Search Volume
cassino online60,500
jogos de cassino11,000
jogos cassino9,900
jogar cassino9,900
jogar cassino online3,600
cassino online brasil1,300
casino online dinheiro real800

KeywordAvg. Search Volume
roleta online110,000
jogo da roleta9,000
roleta cassino4,900
roleta brasileira4,900
jogo roleta4,400
roleta de cassino1,600
roleta ao vivo1,100

KeywordAvg. Search Volume
blackjack game online3,500
blackjack online3,200
como jogar blackjack3,200
black jack online3,200
blackjack jogo1,100
blackjack 21400
jogar blackjack320

KeywordAvg. Search Volume
slots pg soft135,000
caça níqueis22,200
lucky slots11,000
jogos caça níqueis4,400
jogo de slots2,600
slots cassino1,600

The data reveals that generic, short-tail keywords such as “cassino”, “roleta”, “blackjack”, and “slots” – along with some variations – generate the highest search volumes. This underscores the importance of focusing on basic queries – as much as on branded keywords, if not more – to achieve and maintain consistent online visibility.

On the other hand, specific game searches are more prevalent than undefined game terms, as evidenced by the relatively low search volume for “jogos de cassino” (11,000 searches) compared to “roleta”, “blackjack” and “slot” variations.

The only exception to the outlined search intent is the volume of queries for PG Soft games. The Fortune slot series simply exploded in Brazil in mid-2023, with cascading effects on the gaming industry, even inducing dedicated consumer protection legislation.

These figures show that hugely popular slot games need a different positioning approach. Slot-related queries are much more fragmented, reflecting the popularity of single game titles (and even game studios) which combine to outrank generic slot queries.

It also must be noted that all casino-related searches have substantially declined since Q3 and Q4 of 2023. Yet, they are still over 100% more than the levels registered a year ago. Combined queries for keywords related to “cassino” and “roletasurpass 700 thousand monthly hits.

Even “blackjack” has tens of thousands of monthly searches. However, it is evident that search volumes for roulette-related terms significantly outpace those for blackjack, suggesting a lastingly higher popularity for online roulette.

Evaluating Brand Awareness via Monthly Search Volumes

In our quest to weigh brand recognition among iGaming operators in Brazil, we analyzed brand-specific online queries for some of the leading gaming platforms. The ranking below encompasses some of the most recognized brands locally, providing a snapshot of their market presence.

It’s important to keep in mind that the total figures do not mean unique users; they include recurring searches by the same users finding the page through Google Brazil.

BrandMonthly Searches

Betano emerges as the most searched brand in Brazil, with over 37 million monthly searches, closely followed by Bet365 with almost 28 million.

The middle-tier operators include Betfair (2.74 million) and KTO (2.24 million), with their respective search volumes still indicating a strong market presence.

While brands like Bet365, and Betfair have been around for quite some time, it’s impressive that relatively young brands rate quite well, e.g., KTO grabbing the fourth position. What is even more important is that many brands outside the top 2 have been adding visibility faster than the leaders in the past few months since we started tracking their Share of Voice.

Most of the operator brands operlap with the responses received in our survey, as well as the ones tracked for online SoV in Wincher (see data below). This allows us to combine these sources and rank the top 8 real-money gaming brands in Brazil.

Bandwagon Effect Implications

The bandwagon effect is a phenomenon where individuals tend to align with popular choices. This is especially common in the absence of in-depth expertise and plays a significant role in brand recognition.

In the iGaming sector, such behavior would suggest that the most recognizable operators, or those perceived as leaders, are more likely to be chosen by consumers. However, it’s interesting to note that while some operators may be more recognizable in reality, they might not always be the top choices or at least not by such a wide margin.

Broader Marketing Strategies and Brand Visibility

A more granular look at branded searches also reveals that while Betano and Betfair manage to grab significant SoV with generic queries, Bet365 isn’t reaching any SoV in Brazil through generic search terms. A lack of content focus on the website could explain the gap in exposure, a fact which brings it somewhat down in our final rankings.

Then again, we know that a brand’s Share of Voice covers many other aspects of acknowledgement and awareness. Bet365 remains one of the world’s most well-known gambling operators, partly due to its effective use of ambassadors, sponsorships, and advertisements.

Ultimately, broader marketing strategies play a crucial role in shaping an operator’s visibility and recognition in the market.

Overall Share of Voice Based on Generic Queries

Our breakdown of SoV rankings for various iGaming operators in Brazil takes into account a list of generic queries. These cover essential game categories – namely slots, roulette and blackjack, in addition to general casino terms – altogether 40 generic keywords tracked over 3-month cycles.

In mid-march 2024, Betway (10.41%) stands out among operators active in Brazil, based on all query terms included. It has recently taken over the first position from Betfair (casino.betfair.com) , still holding a stably high market SoV (9.17%). Pokerstars (6.11%) has not been that far behind in the past trimester, showing even less volatility than the two platforms preceding it.

Betfair was first launched in the year 2000 and PokerStars just a year later, giving both operators over 20 years of online presence. This is one of the linear explanations for their Share of Voice being much larger than the rest.

Somewhat detached from the top 3, we see a group of middle-tier brands led by KTO (3.01%). Around the 1 percent Share of Voice we see the likes of Betano (1.27%), Betsson (0.86%) and Leovegas (0.86%). Bet365 (0.05%) lacks the digital footprint we would expect across all generic queries.

In particular, KTO has always been part of the top 5 during the 3-month period under examination. Betano, Betsson and Leovegas have struggled more to hold a top position in online SoV rankings.

Interestingly, a brand like Blaze (engulfed in a series of scandals in Brazil) shows a scarce actual following in Brazil.

When comparing the SoV positions assigned by Wincher to our original survey results, we notice that the market leaders are more or less the same, albeit with somewhat different positions within the top 8.

Noteworthy shifts are observed in the ranking of Betano, for example, which is rated much higher (2nd) by our survey respondents, while the online SoV leader Betway is voted as the 5th most recognized brand. KTO, on the other hand, has bigger SoV traction (4th) according to the online tracking tools compared to survey results.

Share of Voice in Casino Queries

For casino-related searches, yet another broad query, we can see Betfair (20.67%) lead the pack among Brazil’s operators. Betway (13.81%) is somewhat behind. Pokerstars remains in third position (6.92%). We saw these three also rank higher in our field survey of brand recognition, behind only Betano and Bet365. The underperformance of the latter two in online environments is evidently compensated by land-based promotions, as noted above.

KTO shows the most consistent growth of the quarter, climbing the ranking and coming in 4th with 6.07%. More than the quality of their product, we attribute such performance to better SEO support and superior targeting of the Brazilian market.

Betano ranks 5th (2.15%), with Betsson (1.53%) and Leovegas (0.97%) coming behind it. As explained earlier, Bet365 does not have a noticeable online presence for casino-related terms.

Share of Voice in Roulette Queries

Looking at roulette-related queries, we see SoV competitor shares closer to one another. Betfair (5.35%) again precedes Betway (4.44%), after having lost the top spot in a volatile couple of months. Pokerstars (2.74%) and KTO (1.45%) are not far behind.

Besides being a casino classic, online roulette remains one of the most sought-after gaming products on a global level, particularly in its live casino version. Constantly high (and rising) levels of online demand make it a difficult vertical to compete for, and that is why we are not surprised to see the leading operators rank so closely to each other.

The roulette keywords we track place prominent platforms like Betano (1.14%) and Leovegas (0.72%) around and below shares of 1 percent. Others, like Betsson and Bet365, barely register.

Share of Voice in Slot Queries

Contrastingly, slot-related queries divide the group. Here, Betway has pulled way ahead of every other operator, with 20.53%.

Pokerstars (7.11%) has lost the top stop it held since last year and is closely contending for the runner-up position with KTO (6.85%).

Betfair has less than half those shares (3.22%), while every other operator is below 2% – Betsson (1.93%), Leovegas (1.49%) and Betano (0.36%).

The online slots niche is possibly one of the most dynamic segments in real-money gaming. Tens of thousands of games are already on the market and hundreds come out each week. Being able to maintain high levels of online visibility and market recognition requires coordinated efforts in SEO, product delivery and superior player support.

It’s important to keep in mind that slot-related queries in Brazil include both “slot” and “caça niqueis” keywords. This is the only keyword category that uses both the English and Brazilian terminology for the game, so operators with SEO efforts in both will have a clear advantage here.

Moreover, effective SEO depends on precise targeting of specific titles and providers, as noted above. Operators also face daily challenges with social media trends and naming customs (nicknames for games and characters).

Share of Voice in Blackjack Queries

When it comes to blackjack-related keywords, Pokerstars takes a commanding lead with 17.58%. The previous leader, Betfair, comes second at 8.33%. Third-placed Betway is even farther behind (3.19%).

Among the rest of the competitors, only KTO (1.00%) and Betsson (0.88%) come close to a percent of SoV.

Final Evaluation on iGaming Operator “Share of Voice” Rankings in Brazil

In both versions of our Share of Voice rankings, we see some operators fare consistently better than others. While there is no undisputed leader across the board, we see the likes of Betfair, Betano and Betway come in the top 3 consistently in most gaming verticals and various online casino game categories.

The trio is followed by a mid-level group of constantly improving competitors which may rank better in a particular vertical or gaming niche – KTO and Pokerstars. Bet365 gets the player votes and ranks well in branded searches.

Established operators consistently demonstrate strong SoV across various gaming verticals, benefiting from their long-standing online presence and robust marketing strategies.

Emerging trends indicate that while traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack maintain steady popularity, the rapidly evolving slots segment presents a unique challenge, requiring operators to adapt continuously to maintain visibility and player engagement.

The importance of targeted SEO efforts, especially in a diverse market like Brazil, is underscored by the preferences in local game terminology and the monitoring of quickly evolving online trends. Achieving higher SoV shares requires a synergy between SEO and broader marketing strategies to shape gambling operators’ visibility.



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